Saelan Twerdy

Saelan Twerdy is a Montreal-based writer and editor and a PhD candidate in Art History at McGill University. His academic research focuses on the notion of “dematerialization” in art since the 1960s, especially in relation to information technology, political economy, and artistic labour. Additionally, his research interests include: modern and contemporary cultural production; histories and theories of the avant-garde; art and technology (including various forms of media art); conceptual art and its legacies; photography as contemporary art; relational aesthetics and social practice; art and the internet; Marxism and Marxist theory; critical and cultural theory; questions of periodization (modern, post-modern, contemporary, and post-contemporary); and the history and practice of criticism, among other topics.


He is currently the Managing Editor of RACAR, the official journal of the Universities Art Association of Canada. Since 2014, he has been a contributing editor at Momus, and his writing has appeared in venues such as Canadian Art, Esse, C magazine, Border Crossings, Blackflash, and The New Inquiry.


He has also contributed to books and exhibition catalogues published by Fonderie Darling, Concordia University’s FOFA Gallery, Fogo Island Arts/Sternberg Press, and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (now MOCA Toronto), among others.